Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15

Hidden Nest by mylla7777
Hidden Nest, a photo by mylla7777 on Flickr.
Up until a half an hour ago, I didn't have any photos for today.

And just now I'm having a hard time deciding what to post.

Just under an hour ago, I grabbed my camera and ipod, determined to find something to take a picture of. As soon as I walked out the backdoor, asking my mother and brother not to lock it on me, I felt a little lost. Not lost in my backyard of course, but lost as to what to photograph. I looped around to the front of the house and walked toward the roundabout. On my way I spotted a tiny little girl's bike parked next to a rusty construction trash container. There was no little girl in sight, and it made a pretty nice subject for being so out of place.

I continued my hike, walking around the roundabout and to the location that I had taken the photo of the construction vehicle several days ago. Now that field is all torn up and leveled out, completely different from what it had previously looked like.

I crossed the road and roamed into the field of clover opposite. In the center of this field, I found a nest down in the bushes! Taking the picture however was a challenge, since my arms are short and I had my large lens on my camera and it would not focus if it were close to the subject. Unfortunately, the nest would not be visible from far away because of all the leaves. I stretched out as far away as I could while holding a branch back. I am proud how well this photo turned out for the difficult conditions!

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  1. *jaw drops* I... I... I am speechless. This is... Wow! Words fail me. GORGEOUS, my dear! The way the eggs are framed by the leaves, the colors... Just... gorgeous. Bravo!