Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16

Tracks by mylla7777
Tracks, a photo by mylla7777 on Flickr.

So everyone has to have a bad photo day once in a while. This was mine. So bad, in fact, that you don't even get to see any of my photos from today. They were all blurry.

This was from yesterday--this is the very same location I took my previous construction vehicle photo. The whole field is all torn up now.

My grandma taught me how to make Sunshine Cake today. It is much like Angel Food, but better--moister, and not as sugary. It turned out very well!

I also saw a bald eagle on my photo journey. Very cool! We don't get them in our neck of the... sand pit... very often. Also saw a TON of bees in the clover field adjacent to our house. Honey and bumble bees, not icky yellow jackets, so they didn't bother me while I walked through.

I took my sister esploring today while our maid Luba was cleaning. We went down to the Minneapolis Lakes. Good thing she has an iPhone or else we would have been a *little* bit lost. Not that I don't know my way around. I'm just ever so sliiightly directionally challenged.

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