To me, photography captures the beauty of God's creation, as well as His humor, His order, and His power. Photography is like taking a picture of a picture--I didn't paint the picture, I just transferred it into a different medium.  The skill in photography comes from composition of already beautiful subjects.

My idea is that you can take good pictures anywhere there is light. You just have to grab your camera and take them!

Next to actually getting out and taking pictures, I l.o.v.e. looking at well-composed pictures that other photographers take. Their work gives me the 'photo bug'--I can't sit down when I want to get out and take photos!

I particularly enjoy fashion photography.  I go through a lot of fads, but my fad's been vintage-look for quite some time now.  Creative product photography and portraits definitely catch my eye.  I've browsed through hundreds of wedding photography sites, and I've facebook 'liked' about a dozen in my area.  Everyone has their own style of photography, their own style of composing, cropping, and editing.  That's what makes us artists.

Check out these photographers I admire:

Anthropologist **
Cly Creation
Eden Photography **
Lifelong Impressions
Rebecca Lynn Photography *
Teichroew Photography *
The Big Picture
Zettle Photography

* someone I know personally
** a well-loved site