Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14

Watermelon Slices by mylla7777
Watermelon Slices, a photo by mylla7777 on Flickr.
Watermelon. That, along with rhubarb, is the sure sign of summer. Corn on the cob. Hamburgers on the grill. Fireworks. Walks in the park. Going to the beach. Roasting marshmallows. Volleyball. Outdoor concerts.

I know this photo didn't turn out very well, but I like the way the watermelon green looks like it was painted. Actually, the whole picture looks like I put on a Photoshop "paint daubs" effect, but I didn't!

Today I made an amazing lunch. I made rotisserie chicken sandwiches for my siblings and me. It was easy! We had a leftover half of a chicken in the fridge, so I cleaned it and put white cheddar cheese over the three pieces I would use for the sandwiches. After melting the cheese in the oven for about seven-ish minutes, I put the chicken on buns, made a barbeque aioli sauce for it, lettuce, and voila! Really good sammich. ^_^

Tonight it rained and thundered a great deal! My sister and I drove my brother to a party, and then we went to Starbucks and got hot chocolate--mine with cinnamon subbed, and hers with hazelnut. We stopped by the grocery store and got cinnamon pound cake... and then pulled into a parking lot and chatted for a while before going home. My day turned out to be very pleasant, for all the stress in the house.

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  1. Psh. Didn't turn out well my foot. I love this! The DoF is particularly eye-catching. I love that you can see the red of the other watermelon there in the background.