Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recap: September

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The beginning of September marks my very first time living at college. A college so far away from home it could have been an entirely different world.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it is a different world. Everything is different there. The culture, the people, the food, the thought, the atmosphere, everything.

I had a friend who called it "the butt-crack of America." Now this may sound a little harsh, but the first word I would describe this new world is, in fact, "dirty." But then you walk on campus, and it's as if you step into a world inside a world, and everything is trimmed and clean. The sidewalks practically shine--there is no gum on them, no cigarette butts, no trash anywhere. The ocean wind plays gently with the palm trees and the grass is thick and green. From the outside the buildings are grand.

Of course, my dorm building is an exception. The "ghetto" girl's dorm on campus. I live a few floors up in a cramped room with two other girls. Thankfully, I have quite a bit of closet space.

Here is a picture of my room. My bed, of course, is the top bunk. Freshman, you know, always get the top. Pecking order. There is another bunk bed, but only one girl sleeps there, not two. My roommates are not the neatest of characters, but I can't say I'm always tidy either.

In addition to this new environment, I also received a new schedule. Classes, chapel, homework. A strict and timely regiment I was unused to due to my years of homeschooling. But not unwelcome. As with many people, I eventually was automatic, much like a robot, going from class to class, building to building, without even a thought or second consideration. Days passed. Days which could be identical to the previous, or the next.

They weren't, of course. Every day had a new situation. Something funny, something interesting, something awkward, something exciting. They weren't always exciting, or even exciting for the most part, but they always involved people. And people are always, without fail, at least somewhat amusing to be around.

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