Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recap: August

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Since I have been MIA for the last __ months, I'm going to write short posts for each month, beginning in August.

Two major events occurred.

On the 11th, I traveled overseas to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with some youth from my church. The DR is a beautiful place, but the people are starved of God. Most come from Catholic backgrounds, but do not attend church. My group had the opportunity to work alongside some natives to help rebuild their expanding church in the heart of Santo Domingo. We took a day at the end of our trip to enjoy the breath-taking island and returned August 18.

During the trip, I gained experience and knowledge of working with Christians from other cultures. I had a blast, but I also worked hard. I feel as though I did not press myself as hard as I could have, though. I pray even though our trip may not have been very visibly impacting to the people there, that it would have long term affects that would better both the Dominicans and the team.

On the trip, I learned that one of my family had passed away. It was hard to accept this while in a foreign country, and it was harder to come back home and sing at the funeral. The end of August was buried in chaos while I prepared for my first semester at college.

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