Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recap: November

lookin' cool 2, originally uploaded by mylla7777.

November was one of those months in which time crawled as slow as possible. But I had fun, still, even under the pressure of final projects during the end of the month.

My roommate took me to see the Blue Angels show with my suitemate. It was so cool! We weren't there for the whole thing--just when the Angels flew. We spent a majority of the time walking to and from the show--we had to park a great way away. But I got some pretty epic pictures of the Angels! I chose this picture to share though, because... well, I just like it. He was plugging his ears as the planes flew over, and then looked up when they passed, and that's when I snapped this.

My grandparents also flew down for Thanksgiving. I had a very nice time with my cousin, sister, and them. We drove out at sunset and saw the beach, but I didn't take very many pictures.

And that was it for November.

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  1. Hmm... I just realized something--you are something like a modern day Norman Rockwell. You take perfectly ordinary situations and turn them into artwork. Very neat!