Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dawn of October

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Yes, my friends, it is October. It has been... one, two, three--over three good months since I last posted. I don't feel like getting this up to date.

Celebrate Edgar Allen Poe by reading The Raven or The House of Usher!

This picture was taken about a week ago (yes, that's me--I'm not as smart as I look, I promise) when I went out in the rain on a photohunt. I edited the lighting with my Photoshop CS2 and lowered the saturation on the entire photo but my scarf, but other than that and a bit of cropping, the photo remains in its original state.

(okay. Don't ask what else I'd do to my photos.)

I'm itching to go photoshooting again--autumn is such a great time for it! But alas, school calls... goodbye, dear friends.


P.S. So you may have noticed the new look? Yes? I like it better. Warmer colors always seemed to suit me. The new template will probably go through a bit of editing yet, but it works for now.

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