Sunday, October 18, 2009


Boots, originally uploaded by mylla7777.

Okay, so... yeah. A lot's happened since forever ago whenever that was.

I got new boots though! Two pairs. =D One of them have 3" heels though... O.o so I've got to figure out how to walk in 'em. It takes skillz.

My brother's been sick, I've been working at school. (yes, this is something I should probably be doing right now.) I'm still taking photos, I'm just not posting them here as I should! I've been college shopping and we might be visiting Union University down in Tennessee (see, I spelled that right) where I will be examining their art program and their visual studies major. ^_^ Photography, wooh!

My father and I (and this week my mother also) have been attending Grace Church. It's been fun! Saw more new faces... and some really really (really really really really really) old ones... since we attended the traditional (mixed) service! Pastor Dobbs has been preaching on Proverbs and it is very interesting...

check it outtt if you've got time-->

(bahaha, this week's sermon (October 18th) was really good. :P It's not up there right now, but I'm sure in a few days or even hours it will be.)

And the credit for this picture actually goes to Grady, 'cause I'm the one wearing the boots. ;) I really like the angle. And yes! I'm standing in a random pumpkin patch by our house. ^_^ We were a bit 'fraid that we'd get shooed out, or somebody'd call the police on us (-cough. Private property, ya know...) but we were good! We made an effort not to mess with any pumpkins (I actually told Grady to not pick them up after I realized what he was doing XD--I took a picture of him holding it first though! :O Yeah... a bit slow I was).

^_^ Anyway. I hope y'all have a great week! Guess what!! It's the 18th!!!! WOoooooooooohH Fall break is starting for me! October has really gone by way too fast. Seriously. I'm almost eighteen. T_t


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  1. "October has really gone by way too fast. Seriously. I'm almost eighteen. T_t"

    You say that as if that's a bad thing, mon amie! Eighteen's a good age. I promise. :P

    Those boots are adorable! I love the way their color matches the scenery. Very nice!