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09 Firework1

09 Firework1
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Okay, here we go. ^_^

July 4th.

Actually, scratch that. It was July 3rd, I remember.

I worked, except it wasn't very busy at work that night, so I got off around eight o'clock. I decided that I'd drive over to my grandparents to join my family in watching the fireworks from their condo.

Instead of going straight to the condo, however, I decided to stop home and -cough- let the internet know that I wouldn't be on, and grab my camera (thanks to the brilliance of Hood), change out of my work clothes, and burn a cd with pictures on it for my grandfather. It was a twenty mintue drive home from work, so about eight-thirty when I left for my grandparents.

And it's about a half-hour to my grandparents. I hopped on the freeway and realized that there wouldn't be a place for me to park--the condo parking lot fills up because the park is right outside. The city police also close off all the roads that surround the massive condo, so I wouldn't be able to park anywhere near. I couldn't get even to the intersection, but was directed away from the condo by the police (passive voice, by the way, I'm too lazy to fix it. XD). I drove to the end of the really really long road (okay, it's getting late and dark out, and I don't have my glasses, so I can't see road signs and I don't know where in Minnesota I am, so I'm slightly going by my poor directional abilities), and turn around, take several turns and find myself eventually back at the intersection. I stop in the middle of the intersection--sorry, I switched tenses, bad habit. *I stopped in the middle of the intersection and asked the police woman where I should park because I needed to get into /that/ condo. I pointed to the big red building that was in the near distance.

She pointed me to (sorry, random paragraph break) the next stop light, take a right, and to find a parking ramp for one of the business buildings (see, all these buildings are sky scrapers, so it's even harder to see around where you're supposed to be going). I found my way, and went into one of the ramps. Xd My truck barely fit under the seven foot clearance--thankgoodness we didn't have any more lift kits. I had to go all the way to the top of the ramp before I found a spot to park--at the top. -nods-

Then I found my way down the stairs and went to the basement of the parking ramp, wandered around there until I found the exit (a lot of walking), and then walked all the way around the parking ramp, around the giant skyscraper, and finally found my grandparents' condo! Woot! So, usually you have to press a code to get in, or call someone to let you in, but I snuck in with the party of young adults. -snickers.- Silly security.

Anyway. My grandparents and parents insisted on feeding me a /ton/ of food, and I had ran all the way from the parking lot to the condo, probably about a half-mile run in all, because it was dark and just to be safe--I ran. So I was rather puckered out and not very hungry, but ate all that food anyway. (the chocolate cake was very good, but then again, my grandma always has good meals--she's a grandma, for heaven's sake.) While I was in the middle of eating ,we heard the kaboom of the fireworks and all dashed into my grandfather's office to watch them! I pulled out my camera and opened the window...

and here you have it! I like this picture because it's got that sci-fi-ish viridescent glow, murky at the bottom toward the lake. ^_^

Then after the fireworks, I finished eating, ran back to the truck (ecgh, running after stuffing myself like that gave me terrible stomach cramps--nearly so bad that I couldn't walk, but I did make it all the way back to the truck), just to sit in the parking ramp for nearly two hours before we (Megan, Jake and I all went back together) got onto the road and cruised home!

So yeah. ^_^ Sorry I haven't updated in a while--things have been rather hectic. I'm going to quit this elongated break from SuNo and get back to work! (I probably wrote more words here than I could in my story in this amount of time!)


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