Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bedroom. :)

Bedroom. :), originally uploaded by mylla7777.

Okayyy! And here's my new furniture set, recently assembled with a bit of help from yours truly. That corner of wood you see at the left-hand side is my sister's bed--it's missing the feet, so we can't put it together quite yet!

The color of the wood is actually a lot darker than it shows up here--not as red as mahogany, but that shade, I suppose. Also! My walls look really rather pink here--they are more of a beige--green/tan/grey. The blinds are open here, and they are grey. My bed has four drawers (two of them not in use because it's too close to the wall) and a cubby hole where I'll keep my journal and Bible. ^_^ We're waiting on a mirror still, and I'm probably going to be searching for furnishings like a lamp and some picture frames to put my very own pictures in! (I'm going to guess I'm going to get prints in black-and-white...)

So yes!



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