Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vortex of Droplets

Vortex of Droplets
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I dreamed I stole celery last night. O.o Going to blame Hood for that one.

^_^ Anyway. We are officially moving, in case you haven't heard. Half of the items in my closet have been transferred, even though my sister and I are still lacking our new furniture. All of the stuff in our basement is now moved into the new one ((after significant quantity depletion)).

Going through the house once more, you could hear the children ((er, yes, that's what we call ourselves :P)) muttering things such as: "Very nice.../very/ nice. I approve..mhmm...--O.o Wait, you guys bought /that/ magazine?! ...EH?!" Much to that effect, anyhow. We bought the model home and everything in it, minus the plastic avacados.

This picture above ((sorry, took me a while to get to explaining it)) was taken from inside the shelving pole. XD My duty was to rinse off our shelves ((had to take them apart too!)) outside with the hose. I peeked in one--and /had/ to get my camera. It was pretty amazing. B) I just had a hard time getting the aperature correct. << That thing /still/ didn't want to focus when I took the picture ((and I ended up manually having to focus it)). :6: I realize that the title is rather anti-climatic, since vortex implies grand--and droplets are quite the opposite. :oops: Well, points for silly. :P

...I used a lot of parenthesis in this post, didn't I? :P Just ignore my multifaceted annoying habits.

Mylla: signing out!

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