Friday, April 24, 2009

Pensacola Houses

Pensacola Houses
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Okay--not really sure how the formatting on this post will work out, but I'll give it a shot anyway! ((since the picture is doubly horizontal))

These were a couple houses we found around Pensacola beach. The one on the right is a big round dome on the back, and facing the ocean on the front. ((the island is not more than a mile wide, but very long--perhaps 40 miles))

The one on the left looks like these people, extraterrestrial. If you look closely, you can see little stuffed aliens in the window! ^_^ ...O.o I think they're ready for the next hurricane to wisk them up to space.

Anyway. I have a "prom" tonight--which is even scarier than whoever lives in those houses. I have absolutely nothing cool to wear, since I can't wear jeans. :P I'm probably going to end up just wearing a black skirt , black boots, and a black shirt and be the Photographer. B) ((I'm my sister's date XD)) I'll post pictures, I think!


  1. I do believe the word verification is the same this time as it was the last time... Weirdness...

    Anywhoodles, I love those houses! My guess is that the owners paid a pretty penny to have those made. :6: It would be kind of neat to live in a home with round walls... And yet, where would you hang your pictures? Hmm... Might be cool to visit, at least!


  2. :P You'd have to find round frames, methinks.

    :oops: I do think these houses cost an arm and a leg--unfortunately, hurricanes come through this way quite often. All the houses on this island are only a few years old.

    ...I can't believe they're making me do the word verification on my own blog. :P