Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amazing Hobo Man

Amazing Hobo Man
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Of the hobo man. He made my day. ^_^

So Grady needed to go out on a photo splurge for his Final Project in Photography. I took him out to Minnehaha Falls. There, at the road above the falls, was Hobo Man playing his violin ((he was absolutely amazing, by the way--much, much better than I am)). I was totally saying to Grady, "WE HAVE TO TAKE HIS PICTURE!!! HE IS SO COOL!!!"

But Grady was all "O.o You're weird--why do you want pictures of a hobo man?"

And thus, we did not take pictures of him then. So we went along the river and had fun taking other pictures...

But then we came back ((our meter had expired! XD)) and I /had/ to take his picture...he is so cool...and was begging Grady to ask if I could take his picture ((totally silly of me, but Grady is the one taking Photography)). He refused, but offered to pay me money to give to the guy to take his picture. Well, no, I have money...

So I went up to the Hobo Man, who was singing at the moment.

Mylla: "Sir, may I take your picture?" -lays money in violin case-

Hobo Man: "Sure!" -says something I can't remember, but was so nice and polite-

Mylla: -starts taking pictures-

Hobo Man: -makes funny faces and engages Mylla in fun conversation-

Mylla: "Must run--our meter is out of money! Thank you so much!" -dashes off, squeeing to Grady, who had been hanging ((quite manfully of him <<)) behind, letting me talk to the Hobo Man alone.

Then I brought Grady to Dairy Queen. ^_^ We got the cheapest thing there ((I was running out of money)).

The End.



  1. Rolling. On. Floor. Laughing.

    We had to take a picture with a hobo guy in Austin on a scavenger be more specific...a street musician. HOWEVER....

    The problem wasn't getting one to was actually FINDING one. -_- Finally did....still lost scavenger hunt.

    Tres and Nick (judges of said scavenger hunt) ROBBED us. -_- We should have at least gotten second. =P

  2. Awww--well, as long as you had fun doing it! you still have that hobo guy picture? :6:

  3. Yep. It's on Facebook...I'll get it to you. Not in my album cuz I wasn't in that one....I think it was Brittany and ....Kaitlyn.... but I was in the car that the picture was taken from! lol