Saturday, May 23, 2009


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Okay. Suffer with me.


((I know I haven't blogged in a while--I can't find my camera charger, if that's any excuse!))

I am, as of last night, living at the new house! ^_^ It is good, and I took pictures of the general area just a few minutes ago. What I really wanted to share, however, was this rug that is in the upstairs bathroom.


Nice, very nice. Is so soft and squishy. XD And looks like dog food or the inside of the small intestines! So it makes me laugh every time I see it. >>

Of course, momma's all, "O.o how do you know what the inside of the small intestines look like?"

And I say, "Well, there was that one Magic School Bus episode...:6:"

Complete with faces, of course. ^_^ (is this appropriate for a -headdesk-?)

So. It's kind of boring here. What do I do? O.o I mean, surely I occupied myself someway else other than playing in ze woods. So there is no woods--Oo! I could go jump in the lake-thing behind our house. ^^ Very nice.

-ahem- Anyway. I really don't have much to update you with. A break from school is nice, but I'm going to have to find myself someway to stay occupied during the summer. Hmm...

Well, I have work tonight, as well as the rest of the long weekend.

Oo! So! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! :)


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  1. I was actually thinking that it looks like tightly clustered coral... Or maybe a red variety of sea sponge? Definitely wasn't thinking dog food or the inside of small intestines... Though I can undoubtedly see the dog food. (Can anyone say "Moist 'N' Meaty"?)

    That's a really neat picture! You and that camera make a most awesome team. :)

    Have a good Sunday!