Saturday, May 16, 2009

B) Absolutely.

B) Absolutely.
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Okay. Just. Squee! Art!


Firstly, let me make a few disclaimers, or claimers, or both. As I took this photo, it is under my copyright. Being that I took a photo of a painting that is in the public domain, it still is under my copyright. Seeing that I took pictures of two minors without exactly obtaining their permission...they have a couple dibs in it too. (more the guy in with the camera than the guy who is posing, since the former was not aware that he was being photographed.) :6: Blah, blah, blah. Read the fine print.

I really can't remember who painted this mural, but I think it's pretty sweetsauce. We didn't even realize it was a painting at first. The aperature hints and focus levels just about drive me nutty when thinking about /photography/, let alone /painting/ on a canvas.

I took an illegal picture. :oops: I was not aware that it was illegal, because they did not have apparent signs in the Minneapolis Institute of Art saying "do not photograph." You had to make a dismeanor before a security guard practically killed you with his eyes and tones and handed you a rules card that says in the fine print "do not take photographs of art that is privately owned and lent to the Institute." Which is ridiculous, because they always put the "lent from..." in small print on the little card thingy on the wall somewhere buried in the explanation of the piece of art. I should file a complaint.

Wow! Long rant! All goes to say, I /really/ /really/ wanted to post the picture here because it was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS (it included a creepy, giant, Japanese bear-thing statue and my brother doing his strong-man pose, which is enough to make just about anybody crack a grin at the obscenity of the picture).

So. Since it /is/ an illegal picture, I won't be posting it, regretfully. Maybe/if you see me and I have my laptop convenient, I'll show it to you.

Anyway. Today's sister-mine's graduation, so I will be attempting to take pictures (not sure how well that will work out--my camera is running out of juice, and I can't find my charger >.<). We have to leave in a few minutes here, so I flee!

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