Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Fair.

Hair Fair.
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OKies! So I dare to post ze photos of me on me blog? O.o Eh? I guess I do.

Before and after shorts! I mean shots! Admittedly, long hair was pretty (and I liked the layers I had), but seriously, the short is much easier to take care of, and the ends are all nice and clean! (of course, the lady who cut my hair said she didn't know why I said that I wanted to deadends chopped off because my hair is healthy, but what does she know! I'm no hair expert, but I'm sure I know when my hair is not as healthy as it usually is! Taha!)

Also got some funky coconut leave-in stuff. B) Ze shmell will knock me out one day.

Speaking of which, I ish going to go shower. Not exactly necessary information, but I should be in there rather than sitting here and procrastinating doing anything!

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