Wednesday, May 6, 2009

River Run

River Run
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Okay--this is another picture from our Sunday river blitz. Looking at it, I think my expression in this picture is totally saying "QUICK! Take the picture before I fall into the mud!" That log was slippery. <<

^_^ And those in the shadow, left-hand lower corner, are my sweet photogenic shoes. (me, not so much :P) You probably have to click the picture to enlarge and see them, though.

-ahem- And yes, I did wear them trekking through the woods and mud.

Anyway--kudos to Grady--he took the picture! Quite the budding photographer he is. B) I taught him well.

My bag, by the way, was so bulgy because I had so much stuff stuck in it--like a sweatshirt ((it ended up being really really warm in the sun--80 degrees?)) and my SRL camera, among other neccessities to textbooks. -ahem-

So! I'd better scram and get my school done! :woot:

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  1. What a cute photo! You look quite beautiful in it (though that does not surprise me in the slightest)! I agree - kudos to Grady for taking such a great photo.

    Have a good day!