Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I will not be seen on DK or CP (or YIM or facebook or church or email or anything else--I'm in solitary confinement!) until further notice (could be days, weeks, or even months--hopefully not, though). Therefore, no contact with the Mylla. I am as the dead.


  1. Teehee. Actually, I'm sure it's only going to be thru Friday, so I'll see y'all on Saturday, hopefully!

  2. Um. Really. I escaped last night! :ninja: But that was because health and wellness and nutrients=uber boring. I probably will be on later tonight, if I get these chapters read. Seriously? I've read 2/3 of my textbook in 2 days and taken 2 exams and written out 4 essays. I'm pretty sure I can read the next 1/3 in two days w/only 1 exam no essays. Confidence (and a plot on how to finish me goals) has arrived, once I realized it isn't so unmanagable after all. :6: Or maybe my motivation comes from wanting to see you all again w/o guilt. :P Either way. Talk to y'all later.