Saturday, May 9, 2009


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Okays. Once again, my creative eye/muse/genious-coughackcough- kind of got flushed. :6: So here's what you get. >> Got a problem with that?


This would be a snapshot--a "candid" picture, if you were--of my computer. It's a pretty stereotypical one. I've got me cleanplace, DKP, course site, and, of course, Photograph Alley here. ^_^ Also doing some sneaky catch-up on a little bit of chat I missed last night. :P Discovered new, fancy chat tool recently? YES! -loves it-

So. I think I've also got YIM and a writing/squabbling folder open there (because that's what I have open now)--but the thumbnail flickr is showing me is too small to tell.

Yeah, hehe. Vista.

[/talking about computer]

O.o I was strangely grumpy last night, which is totally not like me. Rawr. How annoying. :P I is better now. Es la fin de semana. << I have to work long shifts the next three days. >> Tons of finals to study for. <<

Woof? :6:

-goes to play music- B)


  1. Ah, the woofing. I'll allow myself to use the "rawr", but I won't "sink" to the level of woofing. (I live in a house with four dogs - they do enough woofing for all of us. <_<)

    Anywhoodles, happy Saturday! Sorry to hear about the long shifts. >.< Work can really suck.

    I like the effects you used on this photo... Very interesting. Definitely brings your focus to the center of the pic.

    Have a good day!

  2. I remember that night...I got into a fight with Dm...again...and my immature moment was caught on camera! :P Won't do that one again. O.o (Mummy was right! XD)