Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26

Chess, originally uploaded by mylla7777.

So my blogging isn't /exactly/ regular.

My parents got this chess set in Vietnam several years ago from the marketplace beneath Marble mountain. When I came back from school, the board was set up in the middle of our four-season porch.

Every evening, the sun sets, casting strong light across the figurines. I've noticed this several times and tried to consider how to frame the photo, but without my camera. Tonight I actually brought my camera and took this shot. It was difficult to compose because all the pieces are crowded together, and the light only hits one half of the board. I'm not entirely satisfied with the photo, so maybe I'll try it again another night.


  1. The lighting on this photograph is /gorgeous/. It makes the chess figures so crystal clear. (The setting sun is absolutely spectacular lighting for photography, I find!)

    Might I make a recommendation for perfecting the shot, though? It's kinda... cluttered. Might you try removing a few of the pieces to open the board up a bit? It's highly doubtful that the casual viewer (or anyone else) would notice the absence of a few pieces. And, even if they /did/, this is chess--a few missing pieces makes for a realistic scene.

  2. Thanks! You're right that it's cluttered. And it doesn't help that the pieces are so /big/ as well. I would definitely take your recommendation and remove pieces if I decide to try it again.