Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24

Path, originally uploaded by mylla7777.

**will edit post later after watching the most recent Narnia movie**

**now is done watching movie and has been well rested and ready to write my post**

May has been very eventful up to this point. It seems like forever ago that I still was at college, even though it's only been a couple weeks. I had my finals this month, and got my grades back this week. I felt as though I didn't study nearly enough for my finals--at the point I didn't care any more, but God has blessed me a lot, and somehow I managed to escape my first year at college with all A's.

We've had funky weather recently. I know it's totally cliche to talk about the weather, but I'm in Minnesota again, and it's pretty much required. ;) Tornadoes came through on Sunday that ruined a good number of neighborhoods in the cities and took a few lives even. I know a lot of places around the country have had severe weather lately--remember to pray for the families who are struggling because of it.

Today I went to the old house to try to mow the lawn without any luck because the mower's battery is dead. Although it is tick season--and I /hate/ ticks--I took a walk in the woods around our paths and spotted some deer--does--but no fawns. I did find a tick in our bathroom later on in the day, but I think the boys brought that one in, because I thoroughly checked myself.

I took my sister out on a drive shortly before sunset. We went down old farm roads and toured the scenery... it was lovely, and I was able to snap a few photos before darkness set in.


  1. This photo brings me a sense of peace. It brings to mind the smell of all the greenery and the singing of birds. Gorgeous!

  2. Pretty!! :D I like the way it's framed.