Sunday, April 5, 2009


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Blizzards? In April? You got it! It was not nearly as bad down here as poor Fargo's ten-inch snowfall, but nevertheless, we recieved a good 3 inches last night, most of it already melting as it is 34 degrees.

The snow sticking to our trees in the winterwonderland we live in was so beautiful--and you know me--I had to go take pictures. As I don't appreciate scenery shots, I decided to upload this one, because it has amazing layers and proportions. :6: Yeah, don't ever expect to see the whole picture of anything (although this is the whole picture; it's not the whole tree, that's what I mean), because I like to crop crop crop in to get an interesting angle/shot!

Anyway. Working on a paper is what I should be doing right now.

Happy Palm Sunday! :woot:

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  1. Wow! My mum told me this morning that we're to be expecting snow tonight! :-(
    I rather not have snow on my b-day, but it looks like I'll have no choice...