Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just little ol' me again.

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I know. You're entirely worn out from seeing my face by now. :oops:

Today I took the ACT. All the beans I want to spill about how I was frustrated with it ((there was actually a typo! Can you imagine?)) are locked and stored in my brain on an oath of secrecy.

If I do well, I'll let you know my score. If I don't--you'll never hear about it again. Well, that is, until I retake it.

Yeah. Long day. I didn't work today, but I worked a tiring shift last night--got up early for the ACT, going to bed soon to get up even earlier to go to Worship practice at church. Eck. Monday I have a job interview and go to work. I also have to finish a paper I should have had done last week. Argh. Where is my motivation going? I need help!


With that. I'm out.

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