Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21


EXCITING NEWS: Today I had my very first official (non-professional, note) senior photo shoot! :D :D :D

We went to the same location as my previous post (Minnehaha Falls) and met at 8am!! So early! But that's because the lighting is AMAZING in the morning in that park (or any place really). By eight, the sun was already pretty high, but still very beautiful. Of course, both me and Tommy (my subject) are not the best of morning people--noting that I haven't gotten up at the time I got up (6:20) since May--but Tommy's mom is, so she makes up for us.

It was also very nice getting there so early because there was hardly anyone in the park. Last time I was there (see post below), there were actually a TON of people around. This was much more peaceful.

I got some great shots--of course it helps that Tommy's quite photogenic--and I'm super excited to have had this opportunity! (if you can't tell from all my exclamation marks and parenthesis and probably bad grammar.) ;)

My sister's also leaving for Peru tomorrow morning, and we're leaving for Oshkosh on Sunday. Woot!

P.S. And yes, I did place my name on the photo because I'm slightly paranoid about such things... so I'm keeping all rights reserved on this one. XD and NO, def not a permanent logo.

P.P.S Happy birthday to my amazing friend--Hood! :D I hope you have a better-than-best day and year!

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  1. These are positively gorgeous! I love the lighting on the one in the top left corner. Your portrait photography is always a pleasure to look at. :D

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!