Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7

Machine by mylla7777
Machine, a photo by mylla7777 on Flickr.
Uff da! ONE HUNDRED and four degrees Fahrenheit today and blustery. I walked around my neighborhood for about thirty minutes this evening. It felt like a whole different /world/ out. It felt like something you only hear about, or see in the movies.

And it wasn't /dead/ heat, either! It was super hot hot windy blowing sun and dust at your face heat. Everything is kind of smoggy looking.

I know that's a lot to say simply about heat, but it was a new experience to me. I've been out in 90s with strong sun and virtually no wind, but this was definitely much different. The sun was kind of covered up by all the smog. Really weird.

I'm not entirely sure what this thing is. Some sort of construction machine. And I'm not really sure why it's sitting out in the middle of a field... but it made a good photo subject!

My nana came in town today when I got off work! She's staying at our house for a couple of weeks. My brother has finals this week, so I /think/ he's studying. White Collar and Covert Affairs have their season premiere tonight! Like right now! So I have to go watch, you know.



  1. You get so many awesome photo opportunities!

  2. Haha, you know what I was thinking mere minutes prior to taking this photo?

    "I'm feeling uninspired. There's /nothing/ to take a picture of in this neighborhood! It's a pretty neighborhood, just not very photogenic."

    My photo opportunities pretty much jump at me out of the blue! For me, it's not about thinking /what/ I should take a picture of, but just holding the camera up and shooting everything around me. Most of my pictures I take at everyday places I'm at. Things I see multiple times a day, but don't think of them artistically until I have my camera out... like this thing.

  3. Hehehe, I might have more and better photos if i didn't look at something and then think, "Eh my camera is all the way down stairs I'll just admire it for now..."