Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oil Well
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In case you're interested, yesterday our plumbing stopped working.

Our well broke.

Guess which lucky family member discovered it?
That's right. I did.
Guess how.
By taking a shower. Lovely.
It was about 1/2 hour before I would leave for work. I typically just take a shower before work and head off, all shiney clean. Yes, it's a bit of a time-crunch, but I've made it a form of art. So I went to shower--no water came out of the faucet. O.o I ran through the house, seeing if we had the washing machine running or anything--no, but the basement sink still worked! I decided I would just wash my hair in there. Easy. So down I went with my shampoo.

As soon as I dampened my hair and put the shampoo in, the water cut out of the sink. Heh. Not much I could do. I blow-dried it and put it in a pony tail and ran off to work.

Came home. Still no water.

Anyway. This morning around 8 two guys came out--The Well Guys, as I've referred to them as--to fix our system. Apparently our well is really old and a whole bunch of the piping needed replacement.

What you see in this picture here is our well (the little stump-thing in the dark puddle on the right). One of the pipes is sticking up--that hook above it is a really tall crane. The pipe curves and pumps out into a bucket.

Okay, the bucket failed.

We struck gold--oil!

...erm, actually, that's the sewage system. Insert palmface. There goes our grass, or what little there was of it.

Now we've waited all day, waiting for the water to turn clean and clear. It finally has. Insert insane relieved-screaming of bathroom-deprived children. I'm not sure if it really works yet--I haven't tested it out. The pressure is not very good, so something is wrong. But hey, little water is better than no toilets.

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