Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dipping my toes in the water...

I've decided to post a new blog--

As you can guess by the title, I'm going to randomly upload my pictures that I took during the day/week/month/whatever picture is currently available.

Kinks (spelling?) are being worked out right now with the template, so some of the items may be screwy. We'll see if I can get something to work right in that note-space to the left of this post. I tried before--but it didn't work. O.o

Anyhoodles. I have a head cold and it's driving me nutty (well, even more nutty). My momma was kind enough to make some tea with lemon. :pom:

After I post this I'll find something creative to take a picture of and add it here...

This is just some colored-pencils on my dresser. Well, hey, I thought they looked pretty.

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